Food and Drink


Drinks purchased from a local convenience/ corner shop will be approximately

Bottle of water                       7 – 15 baht

Can of coke                                   15 baht

Orange Juice                                60 baht

Milk (pint)                                     40 baht

Bottle of green tea              20 – 35 baht

Red Bull                                         10 baht


Drinks purchased in a coffee shop or restaurant

Bottle of water                    15 – 30 baht

Can of coke                         20 – 35 baht

Orange Juice                       60 – 80 baht

Coffee                                   25 – 80 baht

Tea                                        30 – 80 baht

Sharp English expect you to work as hard as you can, we expect you to be at work on time and we expect you to make your lessons as exciting and enjoyable as possible. In return though we appreciate the old “work hard play hard mentality” and as long as it doesn’t interfere with your teaching and work ethic, feel free let your hair down on a weekend.


With that in mind, the cost of a night out is also considerably cheaper than you are probably used to.


Alcohol purchased from a local convenience/ corner shop will be approximately


Bottle of local beer                           30 – 40 baht

Bottle of alcohol-pop                        40 – 60 baht

Bottle of local whiskey                200 – 350 baht

Bottle of local vodka                      50 – 550 baht

Bottle of local gin                         350 – 550 baht

Bottle of imported whiskey      500 – 1000 baht

Bottle of imported vodka            650 – 900 baht

Bottle of imported gin               700 – 1000 baht


Unless in a top Bangkok or tourist destination nightclub/restaurant, unlike the West, there isn’t a huge surcharge on drinks purchased inside. You do have to buy mixers and ice separately, which is how the owners make their money but It’s still good value.


Alcohol purchased at a restaurant or in a nightclub


Bottle of local beer                         60 - 100 baht

Bottle of alco-pop                           60 - 150 baht

Bottle of local whiskey                250 - 550 baht

Bottle of local vodka                    450 - 650 baht

Bottle of local gin                         450 - 650 baht

Bottle of imported whiskey      700 - 1700 baht 

Bottle of imported vodka          750 - 1300 baht

Bottle of imported gin               800 - 1500 baht

Mixers (coke, sprite)                        30 - 50 baht

Bucket of ice                                     40 - 50 baht


The chance to eat out every day in the west is a luxury only the top 1 percent can dream of but in Thailand it’s actually cheaper to eat out than it is to stay at home and cook for yourself. Small street side noodle stalls, hole in the wall family venders and food carts offer the most delicious, mouthwatering food at the most insane of prices.

These are a selection dishes with very simple Thai translations and depending on your location will cost between:


35-50 baht per person


pat ga prao           mince pork or chicken, with

                                Thai holy basil leaves in a

                                spicy sauce and rice.

cow pad gai          fried rice with chicken.

cow pad moo        fried rice with pork.

pat si ew                flat noodles with fish sauce

                                and vegetables.

pat thai hor khai   noodles, bamboo shoots,

                                vegetables, shrimp, wrapped

                                in a thin omelette.

cow mann gai       bolied chicken,scented rice

                                and spicy dipping sauce.

gai tord                  deep fried chicken.

yam woon sen      spicy clear noodles with

                                fresh tomatoes, onion,

                                vegetables, prawn and pork.

larb moo                spicy mince pork salad.

dim sum                Chinese style steamed rolls

                                with either pork, chicken or


gai yang                grilled chicken on a kebab


satay moo             barbecued pork on a kebab


som tam                spicy papaya salad.   


75-150 baht per person


mud sa man gai     curry chicken with potatoes

                                  and peanuts, served with


tom yum gung        traditional sour red Thai                                           curry with shrimp, shrimp,                                       served with rice.

gang khiew waan   green curry with coconut

                                   milk and chicken, served

                                   with rice.

bpla naung              steamed fish with

                                  vegetables, served with


bpla tord                  deep fried fish with a                                                 selection of sauces, served

                                  with rice.




If after a few months you crave some western style dishes, there are restaurants catering to your needs but please appreciate that the majority of items are flown in from overseas and thus cost a little more.


Pizza                                              150 – 500 baht

KFC                                                100 – 200 baht

Diary Queen Ice cream                    10 – 50 baht

Swensen Ice cream                       50 – 100 baht

Homemade western dishes       100 – 200 baht

Homemade cakes and deserts    50 – 100 baht

Spaghetti and pasta                    100 – 200 baht

Sushi unlimited buffet                            320 baht     

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