Thai Language

Learning a new language is always difficult but unfortunately Thai is probably one of the hardest to conquer. Don’t be shocked when you arrive and just hear noise when Thais are talking together. It will take weeks even before you can distinguish a break in their sentences and recognise a word or two.



Thai is a very tonal language and one with no room for error, with this in mind it would impossible to expect you to learn even the simplest of Thai before you arrive but to give you a small helping hand, we have constructed a list of probably the most commonly used words.


Lady say

Man say


Rule number one is, if you are a lady you will say “ka” at the end of your sentence, if you are a man you will say “krab”. “ka/krab” can be used is a handful of ways but the simplest explanation would be to compare it to compare it to “please or thank you” in English. Growing up your parents probably wouldn’t let you get away with anything without saying please or thank you. Similarly, don’t expect much love if you forget a simple “ka or krab”.

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