Cream came to Sharp English as a former student here and has now completed her university degree. Having worked with her parents from a young age Cream has developed a unique confidence and exceptional customer service skills.


She studied in Chanthaburi at Siyanuson School when Adrian was a teacher there and went on to study Communication Arts at Rambhaibarni Rajabhat University in Chanthaburi. She isn't shy when speaking with foreigners and will be working at Sharp English to assist the needs of foreigners. With her degree background she also has a hand in the media and marketing side of Sharp English too.

Sarocha  Ritsangtong - 'Cream'

Like most of our team Bay is a local to Chanthaburi, he attended Benchamarachutit School before heading off to university which he recently finished. Bay graduated from Kasetsart University with a degree in Business Administration and is now part of our office team.


Bay has an extremely professional and polite manner making him an  essential part of our team. With Ji he is there to respond to the needs of the foreign teachers and can help you communicate with your school and any Thai amenities.

Weerasak  Narakorn - 'Bay'

Knobh is one of the more experienced members of the Sharp English team, he handles many of the graphic and design needs that we have. He studied at Rangsit University north of Bangkok and now resides in the Sharp Office.


Knobh spends most of his days designing leaflets and online material for our marketing campaigns. He also has completed some of our photography of teachers in the past to put on our website. He is our go to guy for anything design or computer related.

Nopananchai  Viratskul - 'Knobh'

Ji worked in the tourism industry on Koh Chang for about a decade before joining us at Sharp English. She worked at the Emerald Cove hotel in Koh Chang which is a high end resort on the island and much of her English language capabilities came through being in this industry.

She now is our liaison officer and regularly keeps in contact between teachers and schools to ensure all parties are happy. If you have a problem or need help whilst with Sharp English don't refrain from contacting Ji, she will do her very best to solve your issues!

Jiraporn  Rattanaka - 'Ji'

Bow is from the neighbouring town east of Chanthaburi called Khlung. She has never travelled outside of Thailand despite various attempts for us to find her a foreign husband!

When Bow first joined us at Sharp she could barely speak any English whatsoever but over time and by being around foreign teachers she now can communicate at a decent level.


Bow is the orchestrator of the Sharp English office, she organises Visa and Work permit matters as well as helps the school itself run smoothly. Without Bow in the office there would be a huge struggle, she is a valuable member of our team. Bow always puts her heart into any task she is asked to do no matter who it is for.

Duangkamol  Chontham - 'Bow'

Leo is our co-owner and oversees almost everything that goes on at Sharp English. She studied at Assumption University just outside of Bangkok and received a degree in Business. Leo has lived in Chanthaburi since she was young but has travelled much of the world. Her high capacity for English has come from a time studying in the USA and through being around foreigners for much of her life.

Leo puts her heart and soul into Sharp English and this really shows through the successes it has had so far. She works hard with all of her staff to ensure all of the teachers at Sharp English have a fantastic experience whilst in Thailand.

Pilailuck  Sharp - 'Leo'

Adrian has lived in Thailand for 15 years and has been a teacher for the majority of his time here. He came here when he was 25 and instantly felt at home. Adrian started his life here working in Bangkok and much of his time in Thailand was spent there. He moved to Chanthaburi in 2009 spending time teaching at Siyanuson School and at Streemandapitak School. Sharp English was founded and much of Adrian's' hard work has gone into it since. He is very loyal to his workforce and is a typically friendly British guy despite his sometimes harsh looking exterior.

Adrian  Sharp

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