A normal class size is likely to be around 30-45 depending on whether you are teaching in an English programme or regular class. Your hourly workload per week in terms of classes is normally 20-25 classes. The school day starts at 7.30 and finishes at 4.30, your day is unlikely to be full of classes so any extra time can be used to prepare.


The kids you teach of any age will be keen to learn about you and for you to share what you can about yourself; after all, you will be seeing them every working day. You become a significant part of their day to day life.

Thai schools are more than just education for students here, it doesn't take long for you to realise that for these kids school is a fundamental part of their social lives too. On the weekends they often are also in school preparing for extracurricular events,they help their teachers during after school hours too. As a teacher here you are welcomed into this family, it's up to you to embrace it.

Streemandapitak school

Located by the river in Chanthaburi, Stree is a part-government and part-private catholic school. The largest church in Thailand rests next to the school and it is a regional hotspot for Christmas activities as well as the other catholic festivals. The school itself is one of the largest in the town having around 3500 students ranging from Anuban 1 all the way up to Mattayom 6. There are a handful of foreign teachers at the school, approximately 10. The school has a friendly and laid back approach and teachers are asked to teach in both English programmes and regular programmes. The schools part-private nature means that teaching here can offer something a little different at times; a huge bonus is getting Christmas day as a holiday!


Siyanusorn school

Formerly an all-girls school, Siya is now home to around 3000 students of both genders and is one of the main high schools in the centre of Chanthaburi with students from Mattayom1 to 6. Along with Benchamarachutit School across the road, Siya contributes to the bustling streets during rush hour as floods of students hurry out of school into the streets of Chanthaburi. Siya is known for its specialisms in foreign languages so a teaching place here is greeted with great enthusiasm from students and fantastic support from the school. There are always a number of foreign teachers here and you are likely to be part of small but tight-knit foreign teaching team.

Similar to Siyanuson, Benchamarachutit School was formerly an all-boys school and is literally across the road from Siyanuson. Bencha is one of the oldest schools in the province and has approximately 3000 students. Bencha has a small number of foreign teachers but a friendly and supportive roster of Thai English teachers.  

The school sits in the centre of town and like Siyanuson contributes to the hustle and bustle come 4.30pm every day. The school is exclusively a high school and operates from Mattayom 1 to Matthayom 6.

Benchamarachuthit Chanthaburi school

Sarididet has a reputation as being the best school in Chanthaburi province; the school boast an extensive English programme as well as regular programme and a high number of foreign teachers. Working at this school comes with the bonus of having a high number of  foreign work colleagues which can really help you feel as though you are at home. Also it is one of the provinces largest schools it has approximately 3500 students ranging from Prathom 1 to Mattayom 3. The school has exceptional facilities due to its recent expansion of its English programme and as a result this makes the school a very desirable place to teach.

Saritdidet school

Anubanchanthaburi school

Anubanchan is home to a small number of around 300 students. The school runs programmes from Anuban 1 through to Prathom 6 and boasts small class sizes with carefully staffed classrooms. Exclusively an English programme school, this school will see you part of a large foreign contingent where you are likely to be a homeroom teacher teamed up with an assistant and a Thai teacher. The classes are typically only around 20-30 students in size and the level of English among the students can be considered higher than some of the other schools. Anubanchan is also part of the 2km radius that sees 4 schools in one area including Sarididet, Benchamarachuthit and Siyanuson.

Anubantrat school

Anubantrat is our school located in the main provincial town in Trat, the school has approximately 2000 students ranging from Anuban 1 to Prathom 6. The school had a well-developed English programme in which there are several foreign teachers. Teachers at this school may also be asked to teach regular programme students as well. The Thai teachers at this school are very welcoming and friendly; you're bound to  fit in at this school whoever you are. Class sizes at this school vary depending on the programme but  generally like elsewhere the English programme classes are smaller. The school is very well placed for beach lovers, located in the province of Trat, by living here you are a half an hour drive from ferry journeys to the popular tourist destinations of Koh Chang, Koh Mak and Koh Kood. Trat province, like Chanthaburi, also borders Cambodia so if you fancy a quick weekend escape to another country then you are ideally located.

Sharp English School 

141 Aumpawa Rd., Watmai, Muang, Chanthaburi, Thailand