Our Teachers

Since our beginning in 2009 we have had many teachers walk through our doors.

We would like to show you some of them

past and present :

Gwen has been teaching abroad for a few years now having come to Thailand directly from a job in Barcelona, Spain. Gwen has been based at Benchamarachuthit School in the centre of Chanthaburi about a 3 minute walk from Sharp English. She has been teaching high school students for her entire tenure in Thailand and part-time at Sharp English with a variety of ages. Gwen has a louder than life personality and this really makes her an enthusiastic member of the Sharp English family. Her Drama based academic background makes her a fantastic conductor of the classroom and she is never afraid to look stupid!

Gwen  Bassett

Tara  McDonale

Claire  Reid

Gabrielle  Trundley

Tara started work with Sharp English from May 2015 and was placed at Streemandapitak School. She had studied beyond undergraduate level in the sciences and was hired as a specialist science teacher. Tara enjoyed her time in Thailand and was one of the more social teachers outside of the classroom. Her scientific background made her a very valued member of the teaching staff at her school. She taught mainly high school students but made a switch in her second term to teaching younger kids.


Claire was 25 when she joined us from the UK, she was a teacher at Anubanchan in Chanthaburi and she taught many of the younger age groups, primarily early years. She had a unique sense of creativity and enthusiasm which really benefitted her in her particular role. She was a valued part of the Sharp English teaching team both for Anubanchan and at Sharp English part-time. Now she has returned to the UK and is the process of progressing into higher education.

Gabrielle was 35 coming over from the UK and was placed into Anubanchan teaching early years with a number of our teachers. Gabrielle had a very calm and composed personality which certainly helped her be patient with her students but it also made her a very friendly and approachable person. Gabrielle went on, like many of our teachers, to explore the rest of South East Asia extensively.

Patrick  Lewis

Christopher  Evans

Patrick travelled over from Australia with initial plans to be working in the province of Nakhon Si Thammarat but after a number of failures by another agency we picked him up and had him working in a school just outside of Chanthaburi. Patrick was teaching high school students in our school in Khlung, he lived in Chanthaburi and commuted every day out to his school which showed great dedication to his job and his students. Patrick went on to travel in Cambodia and Vietnam although was very tempted to renew his contract, now he has returned to his home in Australia.

Christopher, otherwise known as 'Kit' , was placed in Saritdidet School teaching Prathom 2. Like Patrick, he suffered from the failures of another agency looking to place teachers in Nakhon Si Thammarat. Luckily for him, he stumbled across us and we had him placed in a school in no time at all. Prior to coming out to Thailand. Kit had previous experience teaching abroad and had trained as a primary school teacher at university. So by coming to Thailand he was simply adding more strings to his bow. Kit returned to the UK on completion of his contract and continued to work in education. Kit was one of our more unfortunate employees whilst here as he was unlucky enough to contract Dengue fever, not his finest week alive by any means but he got through unscathed.

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