Thai Bands/Pop Groups




Thai football teams

Buriram United

SCG Muangthong United

Chonburi Sharks

Thai Premier League

Pakorn Chatborirak

Nadech Kugimiya

Thai Students

 Thai students have the same passions as kids anywhere in the world, they love pop singers, sport superstars and fast cars/motorbikes. Your stereotypical sport stars, Messi, Bryant and Neymar for example and knowing the basic football teams Manchester Utd, Liverpool, Barcelona and Real Madrid will breakdown the majority of barriers not only with student but with fellow teachers, taxi drivers and government employees. The best way however to get the students interested is to understand the local passions and heart throbs.

Doing a little internet research into the following teams, pop groups, singers and TV stars will help you when you enter the classroom. However, with kids changing their passions as often as their socks, it best to use these examples as a starting block and then following links from there to new and up and coming stars.

Local Superstars

Jirayu Tangsrisuk

Pacharapa Chaichua

Yaya Urassaya

Araya A. Hargate

Disney Princesses

Iron Man


Hello Kitty


Ben Ten

If teaching primary students the staple American and Japanese cartoon                                         characters are still the most popular.

Thai kid love Thailand but their hearts are with Korean stars.

Male Pop Group


Big Bang


Female Pop Group

Girls Generation

4 Minute


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