VISA / Tourist service

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The visa process is made up of 5 steps


The first letter from MoE (Approval for enrollment): The student must have at least 1 year of validity remaining in your passport, and 4-6 weeks before the expiry date of your current visa.This letter is necessary for applying for an ED-visa at a Thai embassy Abroad


Applying for an ED-visa at a Thai embassy abroad: We will prepare the paperwork
for the ED-visa application after receiving the first letter from MoE. The student must inform LX of the intended location where you are planning to apply for the ED-visa and the date that you are intending to depart. Normally, the student will get 90 days for their first ED-visa.


The second letter from MoE (Official enrollment with duration of study):
The student must submit 2 copies of your passport within 2 weeks of arriving in Thailand. The MoE requires the initial submission of documents within 30 days of the visa holder’s arrival in Thailand. Failure to submit the passport copies within 2 weeks may result in an unsuccessful visa extension.


ED-visa Extension: The student must submit a copy of your passport at least 2 weeks before your visa expiry date for document preparation. Immigration
requires class attendance sheets for at least the previous 3 months. We must report actual attendance.


Exam at MoE: Students must have obtained a score of at least 70% on the LX exam. Make sure to contact the LX visa team for test preparation and an appointment for the exam after having an ED-visa for 2 months (English course).


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